Google unconfirmed Update

Noticed Changes in Keywords Ranking

From last week till now most of the webmaster noticed some good and bad news relating to keywords ranking over Google search engine result page. Based on the changes in ranking most of the webmaster and SEO guys are saying it’s a Google link algorithm change and due to that most of us notice changes in keywords raking over Google search engine result page.

keywords ranking

Most of us the webmasters are saying this update is more related to Panda, because this is related to website on page content Vs links factors.

Google has not made any confirmation for this update and not even commented anything on it. Due to that we cannot confirm that it’s a Panda or link algorithm update.

The most popular automated tracking tools like Mozcast, RankRanger, Accuranker and more showed evidence of algorithm update.

decline in traffic

Last week Google may have made some tweak relating to the same that they going to target the link spam and other form of spam. But Google not yet confirmed relating to any algorithm updates.

As per our analysis we can say that now Google will work more aggressively and target those website that involve in artificial and bulk link building activities. Even some of the webmaster noticed that Google is now slowly picking up every new links.

Once we get any confirmation or news relating to the same we will post a blog for the same over our website.