Post With Google – The New Content Podium

Google is experimenting a new platform for content sharing. This will be known by “Post with Google”. This will going to accelerate the brand search. The main aim of introducing such kind of platform is for the brand awareness and popularity.

Google already developed few of the platform for social sharing and brand visibility i.e. Google +. But due to lack of interest and non-friendly feature, its not quite popular among user.

What will be the feature user can avail by using “Post with Google” ?

  • Verified user can easily communicate using text and image over Google.
  • Easy to create the content and share.
  • Based on the query over Google search, google fetch the post from this new content podium.
  • Easy to share the post with different social platforms.
  • Provides the data in real time.
  • Easy to perform the direct search relating to different brand.


Please have a look on the User Interface of new content podium by Google.


What all it contains?

  • This social platform going to have cover image. You can integrate catchy image for your brand identity.
  • It has post feed option which allow you to share the updates. You can also share the same with different social networks. While sharing the post you can integrate the image, content and link based on your requirement.
  • You can easily share the post with other social platforms.
  • You can choose the profile photo based on your choice.
  • You can also use it for searching brand related information. Based on query it fetch all the information from organic and paid.
  • Easy to perform the direct search relating to different brand.


What will be the impact of having this platform?

  • Google is experimenting this new feature only.
  • But if they going to introduce it, it will impact the overall search result over Google Search.
  • It going to have good impact on paid and organic result both.